2019 Musical Entertainment Schedule:

Two Stages of Mountain Music All Weekend Long

Jeff Kennedy, Music Emcee

Saturday at Big Glades (Stage 1)

Sunday at Big Glades (Stage 1)

10 AM – 6 PM

11:00 AM – 5 PM

10:00 AM    Opening Ceremonies  11:00 AM    Music over PA System
10:30 AM    Center Stage Cloggers  11:30 AM    High Test Grass
11:00 AM    Amanda Fields   12:30 PM    Sunrise Ridge
 12:15 PM    Right Fork Ramblers     1:30 PM    William Caudill and Cross Country Bluegrass
   1:15 PM    Sycamore Hollow     2:30 PM    Country Cabin Linedancers
   2:30 PM    White Top Mountain Band     3:15 PM    Appalachian Highlanders Pipes & Drums
   3:45 PM    Thomas Cassell and Friends     4:00 PM    Illusionist Joseph Young
   4:45 PM    The Kevin Prater Band  

Saturday at Wise Inn (Stage 2)

Sunday at Wise Inn (Stage 2)

10 AM – 6 PM

12:00 PM – 5 PM

10:00 AM   Music over PA System  12:00 PM   Music over PA System
11:00 AM   Poplar Hill Reunion    1:00 PM   High Test Grass
12:00 PM   Center Stage Cloggers    2:00 PM   Sunrise Ridge
  1:00 PM    Amanda Fields    3:00 PM   Music over PA System
  2:00 PM    Right Fork Ramblers    3:30 PM   Country Cabin Linedancers
  3:00 PM    Sycamore Hollow    4:00 PM   William Caudill and Cross Country Bluegrass
  4:00 PM    White Top Mountain Band   
  5:00 PM    Music over PA System  

Featured Acts

The Kevin Prater Band

Saturday, October 12th at 4:45 PM – Big Glades Main Stage

Kevin Prater has been a fixture in Bluegrass for many years.  The transition from sideman to front-man was inevitable.  He has surrounded himself with the finest musicians from Virginia, Kentucky and North Carolina, all having immersed themselves in traditional bluegrass.  The Kevin Prater Band package brings to the stage energy, entertainment and the utmost best in Bluegrass.

The Kevin Prater Band sound comes from a wide range of influences and musical heroes. The Original Seldom Scene, The Country Gentlemen, Osborne Brothers, Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, Red Allen, The Stanley Brothers, Boone Estep & The Ramblin Grass are among the different styles of music they have all admired and studied together throughout the years.  Also steeped in the tradition of Gospel music, they pride themselves on the a capella hymns and great gospel songs that people have come to enjoy. The band also includes Classic Country and Vintage Rock in their repertoire, insuring no two shows of The Kevin Prater Band are the same.

Members of the band are great friends, enjoy making great music and look forward to a long future together.  The band enjoys traveling, reconnecting with old friends, making new fans and  hope their music will bring attention to the “Pure Kentucky Bluegrass & Gospel Music” they have become known for.

White Top Mountain Band

Saturday, October 12th at 2:30 PM (Big Glades Main Stage) & 4:00 PM (Wise Inn)

The Whitetop Mountain Band is a family-based band from the highest mountains of Virginia. Whitetop, Virginia is an area rich in the old time music tradition; this band has deep roots in mountain music. The members have done much to preserve the Whitetop region’s style of old time fiddling and banjo picking and are legendary musicians and teachers of the style.

At the same time, Whitetop Mountain Band shows are very versatile and entertaining containing everything from fiddle/banjo instrumentals to powerful solos and harmony vocals on blues, classic country, honky tonk, traditional bluegrass numbers, old timey ballads, originals, and four part mountain gospel songs. Shows also include flat foot dancing. The band is well known for their high energy and charisma on stage.

The band originated with Albert Hash in the 1940s, a well-known and beloved fiddler and luthier. When he was a teenager, Albert played fiddle with Henry Whitter of “Grayson & Whitter” which recorded during the 1920’s. Albert had a tremendous impact on the old time and bluegrass scene. The tune, “Hangman’s Reel” that Albert recorded is the version played by so many old time musicians today. He also helped teach such luthiers as Wayne Henderson, Audrey Ham, and many others to build instruments. The Whitetop Mountain Band is carried on today by relatives and friends.