Arts, Crafts, & Antiques


$25 Bake Sale. No drinks.

$25 Student Groups, Display/Information Booths, Other Non-Profit Organizations (ex: Forest Service, etc.) IF ANY ITEMS ARE SOLD, YOU MUST PAY THE REGULAR FEE OF $50.

$50 Arts, Crafts, Antiques

$60 Arts, Crafts, Antiques with electricity—electricity cannot be provided for calculators or cash registers. Fall Fling will supply one (1) 20 amp electrical outlet (one outlet/plug-in). Electrical cords must be heavy duty outdoor grade cords.

Commercial exhibits will be limited to a total of 10 for the festival.

$75 Commercial (ex: Home Interior, Tupperware, Pampered Chef or Commercial Information booths)

$85 Commercial with electricity—electricity cannot be provided for calculators or cash registers.Fall Fling will supply one (1) 20 amp electrical outlet (one outlet/plug-in).

2017 Craft Vendor Application


1. All spaces are 10’ x 12’. Tents only, no trailers, please.

2. Priority spacing is given to authentic arts, crafts, and antiques at the discretion of the Fall Fling committee.

3. Reserved spaces are for two (2) days.

a.)  Spaces will be assigned on a first come basis, considering electrical needs & priority spacing for authentic arts, etc.

Deadline to mail registration is Sept. 27, 2017 and must be received by Monday, Oct. 2, 2017.

b.)  If you are a returning vendor and want to request the same space, we can only hold that space until July 1, 2017. If so, please use landmark to indicate the space (For example: front of Barber Shop or Jail). Do not say “same as last year.”

(The Kids Korner will again be in the parking space at Farmers & Miners Bank. The main Music Stage will be at Big Glades, in addition to a 2nd stage near THE INN.)

4. Vendors must attend both days, and are REQUIRED to stay until closing time each day. (Saturday 9 AM -6 PM; Sunday 9 AM -5 PM)

5. Display, information and political booths will be grouped together.

6. We DO NOT provide tents, table, chairs, or electrical cords.

7. The festival will be held rain or shine.

8. Registration fees are NON-REFUNDABLE and must be sent with the registration form.


10. Confirmations will be sent by email or phone. Space assignments will be sent out 10 days prior to the Fall Fling.

11. Please for your own benefit, secure your tent with sandbags, cinder blocks or buckets of cement. Tent stakes are not permitted on asphalt or concrete.

For more information call Bonnie at (276) 328-8184
or email



Civic or Church Group:
     $80 Both Days

     $45 Saturday Only
     $35 Sunday Only
     $15 Bake Sale Items Only (Schools
                                    and Churches)


     $150 Both Days

     $  90 Saturday Only
     $  70 Sunday Only
     $  50 Bake Sale Items (Commercial)

Food vendor space is limited.

Call Bonnie at (276) 328-8184 for availability
or for more information.